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I Think You Just Created a Meme Here

Sometimes an act is just not entertaining nor funny.

But, calling an act “Not funny” , is funny.
Same case with Milhouse, a Simpsons character who will never be a meme, but fact that he will never be a meme, is a funny reoccurring meme.

I love all the different ways the red shirt egghead guy eviscerates the yellow egghead guy. My favorites being the one where he sends him to hell, and the other being the pac man kill with him eating multiple yellow guys like dots.

From this day forward, whenever I encounter something not funny. I’m going to be thinking of that high pitched “NOT FUNNY, DIDN’T LAUGH.” Chorus.

Very basic CGI, but definitely left and impression.

For those who need help on the in joke. “Sicksexfiend” was the alternate moniker of Sickdeathfiend, an NG user who is renowned for his bloody zombie animations and games.

There was a time when he use to join up with the notorious Star Syndicate, a trolling and spamming group known for making “swell flash” and self referential stuff like this. A lot of users in that group did what they did to get back at NG for giving prestigious awards to really popular artists and animators that didn’t put much effort into work. Said artists and animators are the ones in this movie. The frog in the crown is Legendary Frog; the guy that did the Final Fantasy song animation and these motion tween comedy shorts with ray man style alien characters), the squirrel is Foamy; the ranting star of Illwillpress’s Neurotically Yours, the human head on the blue clay body is Knox; who did clay animations about blob people getting hurt, and the fat guy is Pikanjo; who did Perfect Kirby.

Often the Star Syndicate would utilize the “Piconjo” character, a poorly drawn rip off of NG mascot Pico, and claim him to be the ultimate fighter and other such nonsense.
I don’t remember who the guy with the R on his shirt is...

I guess SickDeath/SexFiend once posed as a girl or something to evade connection to his original account or something.

Anyway, I found the use of audio of the Care Bears Alice in Wonderland movie to be quite silly and fun. And the use of these often mocked targets in a relatively wholesome scenario is a little enjoyable. I only rate 3 stars due to animation quality. But otherwise, thanks for the swell flash.

The Best Sweded Jet Set Radio Like Thing I’ve Seen.

What makes this little thing so cool is how limited the animation is, and yet it remains captivating because of the animation direction and how scenes are framed. Individual characters are very tiny, and simply designed, cheapo, and I’m not sure if the animator knows how to flesh out a proper inline skating cycle, so the POV will be on certain angles to mask that. Closing up on a character from the waist up while an appropriately diagonal speed line background cycle is actually convincing enough. Characters don’t even have to be animated, they can slide across the ground since skaters use momentum on downward ramps to gain high speed. Then there are moving backgrounds like that entire tunnel scene which was real cool. The action was well thought out with me being able to clearly see what’s going on and the animator only needing to use a few frames of animation in each seen.

A lot of effort was put into all the backgrounds. The city they all skate in is huge and very much alive. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been working on something similar in concept in my spare time, and this movie has been quite inspiration simply in all the ways the action is framed.

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A Simple Storyline With a Strong Point

Ultimately, decent advice for high schoolers and college students. Learn to have more than one hobby, be interesting. Acknowledge that Mom calling you is a bad thing, so be sure to be independent and reliable at a young age. And ultimately, seek the woman that matches you in personality. If I could add my two cents, I'd say getting job is a good thing, but learning a stable trade job or studying up and learning the tools for a high paying job is even better.

The visual novel though doesn't have a lot of branching paths, and doesn't have too many "gamified" stats like in others in this genre, but, it was made in 48 hours and it shows. Two things I wonder though, if Mia is not into anime, than why is she wearing a Maritime sailor fuku outfit outside of the visual parody element of the metacommentary on games like these? Is she actually a Japanese/private school student? Second, the women, Naomi, that the MC ends up with, has cat ears. Again outside of metaphysical visual parody commentary, why?

Also, I want to make a correction, Death Note is actually a shonen manga, having premiered in Shonen Jump and running alongside fare like Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach. For examples of seinen manga there is Akira, Battle Angel Alita, Berserk, Monster, and Excel Saga. Though Death Note is shonen, it is incredible and a thoughtful piece of work that transcends demographics. Sorta like how Harry Potter, a book for school children, is beloved by many women young and old, or My Little Pony, a show for little girls is beloved my many men, young and old.

Ah Sisyphus and Sasafrash!

Sisyphus was a figure in Greek Mythology. He was a very deceitful and selfish king who once ruled over Ephyra, the capital of the Thesprotia region in ancient Greece.

Sisyphus would often lure exotic travelers from far away into his local towns, only to have them killed so he could take their stuff. A supreme violation of Xenia code of conduct for proto-international affairs among Hellenians(Ancient Greeks).

He hated his brother Salmoneus so much, that he often plotted to kill him. He seduced his brother's own dauther, Tyro, into bearing his own children, and he tried to groom the inbred children to kill his brother, all so that he could take his throne. Tyro killed the inbred children in retaliation when she found out what she was going to do.

When Zeus had the hots for Aegina, the Nymph daughter of the river god Asopus, he took the form of an Eagle, and abducted her. Sisyphus bore witness to Zeus flying overhead, and when Asopus came strolling by in hot pursuit, Sisyphus revealed their location in return for a miraculous spring to pour across the Corinthian acropolis.

This got Sisyphus on Zeus's bad side. Depending on the variant, Zeus sent either Thantos(God of Death) or Hades(God of the Underworld) to chain Sisyphus up and drag him down to Tartarus(the bad place for bad people) early. In a classic looney tunes style maneuver, Sisyphus tricked Thanatos/Hades into chaining himself up after a drawn out conversion that began with Sisyphus questioning why Hermes was not sent, and ended with Sisyphus inquiring Thanatos/Hades to "demonstrate how the chains work." It was here where Sisyphus decided to boast out loud how he was even smarter then the gods of Olympus. During this period of shackling, the parameters of the world was affected in way where no one could die, because either Thanatos was unable cause death and Hades was unable to claim souls. Sacrifices could not be made to the gods, and the old and sick were suffering eternally. It also caused much frustration for Ares, because he was unable to see his subjects die in combat. So Ares brought upon himself to free Hades/Thanatos. The gods also told Sisyphus that he didn't let ares break the chains, that they would make Sisyphus suffer so much, that he wish he were dead.

During some downtime before his departure to the Underworld, Sisyphus told his wife to throw his naked dead body in the middle of the public square, so that he could continue to defy the gods. His wife decided to throw his carcas into the river Styx instead, fast fowarding his soul's arrival to the underworld. Sisyphus then sweet talked Persephone(Hade's claimed wife and Seasonal goddess) into allowing his soul to come back as a ghost and haunt his wife for disobeying his orders. Finally, Hermes dragged soul back down to Tartarus.

Sisyphus was tasked in Tartarus to roll a boulder up a steep mountain. The mountain was too steep and the boulder was too oblong, so it would keep rolling down the mountain. The task was impossible, and it led to an endless cycle of frustration.

Sisyphus and the boulder can seen as metaphor for futile efforts like power struggles. Especially since Sisyphus is the poster boy for all cutthroat Machiavellian leaders. Sisyphus lead a life of deceit and trickery in order to obtain massive power that in the end, was temporary due to the limits of mere mortality and the fact that he was only human. A virtuous man would live and let live, know his limits, and understand the fleeting nature of things.

Anyway, despite dry bare bones programming and art design, the ingenious thing about this game, is the fact that even I don't know if it can actually be done, which compel a lot of people to try their hand for possibly hours. If someone does manage to do it, I hope they have a capture card if you know what I mean.

Simple Game with a Crude Production.

In this game, you just slide slam matching blocks into each other to form higher number blocks, which you have to match with like blocks to form even higher blocks. The catch is when you move the blocks, you move almost all of them. Things get challenging as you run out of room. Other than that, there's not much.

While this a crude amateur production, the game is at least deep enough to make me think about my next move, and the biggest highlight would the choice of soundtrack.

Please tell me, what track did you use? I just love this music track.

rasp-berry responds:

It's a custom-made track. The game itself is a little crude because I made it for a jam. I think I will polish it up some more.

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Star Trek The Next Generation for MS-Dos.

By Apogee Software.

The Empire Is Attacking The Natives! Save Them!

Gunstar Heroes is my favorite action game. The greatest action game of all time could only be developed by the mighty fine folks over at Treasure. Treasure, the little developer that could, and can, and still thrives today despite being a small number of thirty. Treasure, only they could manage a McDonald's liscenced game just SHY of old school gaming nirvana.

Anyway, I have to say the music in Gunstar Heroes is quite underrated. Seriously, nobody today gives Norio Hanzawa (NON) the credit he deserves! This track(area1) alone is my favorite track out of the whole collection. Nothing gets me more pumped or in the mood to kick arse than this track.

Now considering this remix, it is not as good as the original... But it's pretty creative with its usage of different chip tunes and deconstructive effort non-the-less. I prefer how the original begins with "Da-Donnn!" like bang, and then, how it builds up to the main melody with its intro. This one removes the "Da-Donnn!" bang and gives the build up notes a little more of an ambience effect. Overall, this remix is okay, and I definitely give you thumbs for recognizing genius when you hear it.

DragonCoin responds:

Thats one of the best reviews I've seen in a long time just to say =D.
I agree totally, with what your saying. I mean it'll take alot to beat the original. I just purely did this for fun because it's my hobby.

I might make a more upbeat one with the "dun dun" and upload that in the future.

Thanks for your review =D

Now I'll Definately Bet On This Pooch...

This version is definately amped up compared to the original.

The intro was masterfully done by the way. It was expanded upon with much grace and respect to the source material. The intro in the previous version was sped through a little without much emphasis nor recognition and it only lasted 9 secs. This version lasts 17 secs and adds in a little more ambiance for the ominous chanting. In the actual opening, the chanting sounds houndish and silly and leads up to an accordion lead-in. This one on the other hand has a Burtonish/Danny Elfman-esque orchestra touch to it. This makes it seem more like a darker and sophisticated retake on the poorly animated yet charmingly cartoonish funny animal superhero.

I'm sad to say that I rather miss the delicate pizzicato that used to serve as a gentle lead in to "Speed of Lightning..." That's okay though, because the xylophone does perfectly well in its absence.

Now the part we've been waiting for, that part which we discussed in the last review. "Speed of Lightning..." has MOAR power now! Although I still sort of liked the gentle accoustic of the previous installment, the piano chords do a better job of conveying a powerful presence! (Do I hear a "thunder" sound effect? I do! Cool. Just like in the original opening!) This sound and melody paints a vivid picture of Underdog rising from the ashes, and basking in crowning moment of awesome before pummeling his would be destroyers in a wonderful turnabout fashion.

In short, you did a great job. This piece still has more potential to be even greater. It can be considered arguably better than the actual theme song. At least as an alternative revisionment. It is definately 999,000,000 X better than Disney's revisionment.

In fact, I might use this piece someday in a future project if I ever get to it. Because I feel inspired to do a masterful revisionist portrayal of Underdog in a similar fashion to how people revision Batman. You know! With better animation and everything! In fact, I might do this for other poorly animated yet redeemably charming cartoon heroes. Like Birdman, and Space Ghost, and most definately the Herculoids!
Hey, if it worked for Johnny Quest and Secret Squirrel...

Compaq272 responds:

I have clearly said in the author's comments that they are 2 thumb pianos.

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Slime Rancher!

I played that weird little game on my friends Xbox Game Pass. It was a little unpolished, quite innovative. I remover You had to capture some slimes and contain them in a glass box. I think you unlocked thing or had them power something for you. You had to feed them chickens, and I remember there was a mechanic in where they turn dark and evil if you’re not careful, and when that happens they corrupt the other slimes which sets you back. Unique little game that one.

Awwww Here It Goes!!!

Who loves Orange Soda?
Kel loves Orange Soda.
Is it true?
I do I do I do—ooooooo!

Squidward: I have no idea what this drink of yours is, but your pining for it is so aggravating that I’ll put on my personal list of grievances right next to Jellyfishi-eeeeeengh!

What We Do In The Shadows

I love that show! My favorite character is Mark Proach’s character, Colin Robinson(the bald one). He’s practically just an ordinary person who just bores people. But the thing is he’s actually the most maniacal of the vampires despite being the least dangerous. That’s because where the other three are blood sucking predators, they have hobbies and other interests that don’t solely revolve around feeding. But Colin’s whole life revolves around boring people, and occupying them with tedious small talk to drain their energy. which in a way, is actually quite draining. “I love open Mic night!”

My favorite episode is when he gets a promotion at his job, and then we see how truly powerful he really is.

Abuse it for good, never for evil.


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