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Star Trek The Next Generation for MS-Dos.

By Apogee Software.

The Empire Is Attacking The Natives! Save Them!

Gunstar Heroes is my favorite action game. The greatest action game of all time could only be developed by the mighty fine folks over at Treasure. Treasure, the little developer that could, and can, and still thrives today despite being a small number of thirty. Treasure, only they could manage a McDonald's liscenced game just SHY of old school gaming nirvana.

Anyway, I have to say the music in Gunstar Heroes is quite underrated. Seriously, nobody today gives Norio Hanzawa (NON) the credit he deserves! This track(area1) alone is my favorite track out of the whole collection. Nothing gets me more pumped or in the mood to kick arse than this track.

Now considering this remix, it is not as good as the original... But it's pretty creative with its usage of different chip tunes and deconstructive effort non-the-less. I prefer how the original begins with "Da-Donnn!" like bang, and then, how it builds up to the main melody with its intro. This one removes the "Da-Donnn!" bang and gives the build up notes a little more of an ambience effect. Overall, this remix is okay, and I definitely give you thumbs for recognizing genius when you hear it.

DragonCoin responds:

Thats one of the best reviews I've seen in a long time just to say =D.
I agree totally, with what your saying. I mean it'll take alot to beat the original. I just purely did this for fun because it's my hobby.

I might make a more upbeat one with the "dun dun" and upload that in the future.

Thanks for your review =D

Now I'll Definately Bet On This Pooch...

This version is definately amped up compared to the original.

The intro was masterfully done by the way. It was expanded upon with much grace and respect to the source material. The intro in the previous version was sped through a little without much emphasis nor recognition and it only lasted 9 secs. This version lasts 17 secs and adds in a little more ambiance for the ominous chanting. In the actual opening, the chanting sounds houndish and silly and leads up to an accordion lead-in. This one on the other hand has a Burtonish/Danny Elfman-esque orchestra touch to it. This makes it seem more like a darker and sophisticated retake on the poorly animated yet charmingly cartoonish funny animal superhero.

I'm sad to say that I rather miss the delicate pizzicato that used to serve as a gentle lead in to "Speed of Lightning..." That's okay though, because the xylophone does perfectly well in its absence.

Now the part we've been waiting for, that part which we discussed in the last review. "Speed of Lightning..." has MOAR power now! Although I still sort of liked the gentle accoustic of the previous installment, the piano chords do a better job of conveying a powerful presence! (Do I hear a "thunder" sound effect? I do! Cool. Just like in the original opening!) This sound and melody paints a vivid picture of Underdog rising from the ashes, and basking in crowning moment of awesome before pummeling his would be destroyers in a wonderful turnabout fashion.

In short, you did a great job. This piece still has more potential to be even greater. It can be considered arguably better than the actual theme song. At least as an alternative revisionment. It is definately 999,000,000 X better than Disney's revisionment.

In fact, I might use this piece someday in a future project if I ever get to it. Because I feel inspired to do a masterful revisionist portrayal of Underdog in a similar fashion to how people revision Batman. You know! With better animation and everything! In fact, I might do this for other poorly animated yet redeemably charming cartoon heroes. Like Birdman, and Space Ghost, and most definately the Herculoids!
Hey, if it worked for Johnny Quest and Secret Squirrel...

Compaq272 responds:

I have clearly said in the author's comments that they are 2 thumb pianos.

I Used To Watch That Show When I Was Young!

It was that kind of cartoon that was reminiscent of Rocky & Bullwinkle. Yes, the animation was incredibly cheap and pathetic as hell, but there's something charming about the cartoon that made me like it for some reason.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed the choice of fake pizzicato for the segment in the beginning. It was a good idea since the plucked notes are rather soft and help the build-up to most epic part. The epic part you say? That would be the "Speed of Lightning! Roar of Thunder! Fighting all who rob and plunder!" part, which you did pretty well. At least I like your choice of instruments for it. However, the epic part can be brought even more justice if give it more power!

Compaq272 responds:

I originally planned that. I was going to have this, a string section or two, and the 4 pianos In the low octaves I have those strings set to. XDDDDD I'll add that in next time lol.

This Is An Ok Track.

It was the best part of this crappy short I recently saw. Some reviewers below me have said some crap about the beginning fluff that ends around 2:20 where the main beat kicks in . Personally, I just find it funny and disorienting.

Another VG Inspired Insta-Classic

Paragon's greatness knows no bounds. She could work for Konami. I would certainly want to dance to this on standard(I don't think I could take it on heavy). This track certainly does take some influences from a couple great DDR originals. Like the piano solo sounds like it could fit into V, and the slow down/speed up is reminiscent of Ecstasy.

I Love This Game! The Title Screen Is The Best!

For a second there, it sounds exactly like the 8-bit audio, which would have been ungood because that would be stealing. Luckily the guitars kicked in and I'm treated to an awesome redux. i would say that your song is really great, but I'm apparently under totalitarian oppression right now. So i'm going to have to give this track a rating of average since it is double plus good. The government will apparently confiscate my items soon, so I'll have to put some faith into those pirates, and hope they churn out a bootleg that is true to the original Journey to Silias. Hmm, Should I go for MariSilias 53 or Journeying to Laf World?

Stage3-1 responds:

Haha, thanks. Yes the first few seconds are sampled directly from the NSF, just as a sort of intro. After that it's all read instruments (aside from programmed drums). This game is definitely loaded with under appreciated songs. The sound track is phenomenal as far as NES games go. Anyways keep checking back for more songs and don't be oppressed by the Chinese government.

This Kind Of Thing Belongs In A Lunar Game.

Or you know, some sort of RPG like that, some sort of classic JRPG, as town bgm. If any game creators out there have something along that line, use this song, it loops perfectly so it can go on forever as long as the hero stays in the town.


It starts out with a Final Fantasy inspired scale that lasts until 40 seconds, and stars again at 1:15. changes melody around 2 minutes in A rather peaceful relaxing piece, I must say. At 4:32, dead silence.

Ladies And Gentlemen...

...THE MOST REMIXED TECHNO DITTY EVER!!! Joking aside, your remix is welcome amongst the vast library of popcorn. If any aspiring artist ever wanted to test out their pseudo instruments, popcorn does the job.

Abuse it for good, never for evil.


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