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A year ago, I released this one track. It was meant to be theme music for a character in a story I want to make. I felt pretty satisfied with the music track at the time except for a transition that occurs 3 minutes in. Despite that, I uploaded the song anyway because I felt I wasn't giving enough content on my page, and to be fair, I update once in a blue moon due to certain constraints in my personal life that I just can't control. I pressured myself to release the track even so maybe I should not have since that transition at the 3 minutes was actually really really awkward... And I apologize to my 25 fans if it ruined the experience. That and I felt the song was maybe long enough at 6 minutes. So i decided to redo the song and fix that transition, completely replacing it with a movement that's more apropriate and feels more natural. I made the song longer at a whopping 7 minutes 30 seconds, adding in another transition towards the end. I apologize for the length, and I should just do shorter songs anyway, but I truly feel the track is as long as it needs to be. Now, I feel very satisfied with this track so I invite you to take a listen here:

--> https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1182030 <--

And I won't the delete the original release. I'll keep it for archival sakes. You can listen that here. (Though, why would you want to? ;^) ) :

I think my new version's better, but tell me what you think.

Last but not least, I really hope I don't make a habit out of this. You know, releasing tracks only to redo them a year later.

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An Alter-Nate Hand is Open For Commissions

I’m in a rut, and my creative output is never as vast as I want it to be. So let’s help each other out to each other’s mutual benefit.

I can do you an illustration. Full color. My rates are cheap!

[Comission cost for full illustration = $15]

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I’ve been on a roll with music. Do you want a dirty? I can compose one for you too!

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