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Slime Rancher!

I played that weird little game on my friends Xbox Game Pass. It was a little unpolished, quite innovative. I remover You had to capture some slimes and contain them in a glass box. I think you unlocked thing or had them power something for you. You had to feed them chickens, and I remember there was a mechanic in where they turn dark and evil if you’re not careful, and when that happens they corrupt the other slimes which sets you back. Unique little game that one.

Awwww Here It Goes!!!

Who loves Orange Soda?
Kel loves Orange Soda.
Is it true?
I do I do I do—ooooooo!

Squidward: I have no idea what this drink of yours is, but your pining for it is so aggravating that I’ll put on my personal list of grievances right next to Jellyfishi-eeeeeengh!

What We Do In The Shadows

I love that show! My favorite character is Mark Proach’s character, Colin Robinson(the bald one). He’s practically just an ordinary person who just bores people. But the thing is he’s actually the most maniacal of the vampires despite being the least dangerous. That’s because where the other three are blood sucking predators, they have hobbies and other interests that don’t solely revolve around feeding. But Colin’s whole life revolves around boring people, and occupying them with tedious small talk to drain their energy. which in a way, is actually quite draining. “I love open Mic night!”

My favorite episode is when he gets a promotion at his job, and then we see how truly powerful he really is.

This is Quite Reminiscent of Something Lane Smith Would Illustrate.

And that’s what I like about it.

She’s my favorite from the first Fire Emblem game I’ve played that was also the first to be ported over to the states. It looks like she’s become more hardened.

Absolo Mundus Golden-Silver

Collect all the gems to break the spell Awaken the creator of the new world

He Set Us Up the Bomb!

Latest Bubsy Game Actually Isn’t Too Bad

It’s called Paws of Fire and it’s practically a BitTrip runner skin. It’s got good music, and multiple characters that play differently, like you can play as this alien and her style plays like a horizontal space shooter. If you were to ask me, I’d say it’s the best direction to take the scrappy mascot.

I Sure Wish They Could Port This Over!

What the Hell Are YOU Staring At?!

Abuse it for good, never for evil.


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